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About Die Hard Technologies

IT Support in the
Des Moines Metro Area

Who We Are

Die Hard Technologies was founded by an Army Veteran that wanted to bring his skills with computer networking, satellite communications and systems integration in the fast paced environment of a Tactical Operations Center, to the corporate world.

Borrowing on his extensive experience, he envisioned a company that provided continual IT support and diverse systems integration experience that most businesses required in the modern world. He strove to provide services that were adaptable to any corporate structure, with exemplary customer service surpassing  even the most entrenched competitor. With these core tenants in mind he began Die Hard Technologies, The Key to Your Technology Needs. 

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Cale McClain

Owner of Die Hard Technologies

I am a graduate in Organizational Studies from Grandview University, a Military Veteran, and a resourceful leader valued for my strong analytical and administrative talents. I have several years of experience in Network Connections, Satellite Communications, and Command and Control Systems Integration. I have leveraged that experience to become certified in CompTIA Network+ and Cisco's CCNA.


  • Business IT Support/Consulting

  • Computer Networking/System Integration

  • Policy Development


  • CompTIA Network+

  • Cisco's CCNA

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